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Alex Manzano

Software Engineer

About Me

I'm a software engineer currently enrolled in Year Up (Sept 2023 - Present) , a job training program in NYC , where I'm studying languages including JavaScript, ReactJS and Python. I'm also using my time at Year Up to enhance my communication skills, proficiency in applications including the Microsoft Suite, and increasing my fluency in HTML and CSS. Coding and designing are now not only two of my favorite pastimes, but also the career I'm lucky to pursue.

Fast foward to today, I have the privilege of interning at LinkedIn as an Applications Developer and Insights Analyst.

I pride myself in having great time management skills that allow me to be reliable and consistently meet deadlines. I enjoy working individually, as well as finding my place in a larger team to work towards common goals. I'm looking forward to finding a full time software engineering position in 2024 once I've completed my time at Year Up in August

Here are a few technologies, skills and tools I've been working with recently:

  • Javascript (ES6+)
  • ReactJS
  • Python
  • Java
  • Microsoft Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Access, Excel)
  • Figma
  • Jira
  • Bootstrap
  • VSCode
  • Netlify

"websites are like onions, they've got layers" - Shrek (rumored)

Where I Work

Wellness Minded Media

  • Develop and maintain code for in-house and client websites primarily using HTML, CSS, Sass, JavaScript
  • Manually test sites in various browsers and mobile devices to ensure cross-browser compatibility and responsiveness
  • Collaborate with a small team of student designers to spearhead a new brand and site for clients and in-house projects
  • Interface with clients on a weekly basis, providing technological expertise

My Projects


Newcastle United blog/fan website

Elena Joy Photograpy Website


Weather from any city in the world

if you like my work shoot me an email!